New Vitiligo Pictures And Images

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New Vitiligo Pictures And Images

        Microscopic examination of the involved skin shows a complete absence of melanocytes in association with a total loss of epidermal pigmentation. Vitiligo facts are that lymphocytic infiltrates can be seen and superficial perivascular lesions, considered a process of cell-mediated destruction of melanocytes. Degenerative changes were observed in keratinocytes and melanocytes from the lesion margins and adjacent skin.

       Differential diagnosis is made with the following conditions: the Adisson disease, Alezzandrini syndrome, chemical leucoderma, halo nevus, melanoma, nevus anemic, piebaldism, and pityriasis Alba, post-inflamatory depigmentation, scleroderma, tuberous sclerosis, Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada syndrome.

       Some vitiligo facts are that if the child refuses oral medications or if it is inefficient, injuries may be covered with opaque paint, waterproof. If the child does not use cosmetic makeup, sunscreen creams must be applied to protect the depigmented areas from the sun. Watch some vitiligo facts pictures to see how make-up can be a solution for the depigmentated spots.


       Doctors recommend Psoralens, which stimulates pigmentation from the pigmented normal cells, healthy cells surrounding the affected cells. The results can be disappointing and adverse reactions are common.

  • There is no restriction in terms of physical activity.
  • No special diet.
  • Do not interrupt the normal walking to school.

       Treatment is lengthy and frequently unsatisfying. Complete and permanent repigmentation is rarely possible. If the treatment is discontinuous, most areas with regained pigmentation usually lose this pigmentation. It is impossible to predict how much treatment can improve the child's condition. Children and young adults and those who start treatment earlier respond best, usually. The vitiligo facts take a year to assess the results.

New vitiligo pictures and images

New Vitiligo Pictures And Images New Vitiligo Pictures And Images New Vitiligo Pictures And Images New Vitiligo Pictures And Images

       The small areas of different skin colors or spots have the following characteristics:

  • Are flat
  • White
  • Can not be felt with the fingers
  • Extend to form very large areas without pigmentation, irregular shape
  • Are usually located on both sides of the child's body in about the same place
  • Their size varies from 2-3 mm to several cm in diameter
  • Not painful or itchy.

       To know best how these spots look like, here are some vitiligo facts pictures.

New Vitiligo Pictures And Images New Vitiligo Pictures And Images New Vitiligo Pictures And Images New Vitiligo Pictures And Images

Laboratory studies:

  • Thyrotropin is being tested for thyroid conditions
  • Blood count for anemia
  • Antitiroglobulina serum and the anti-antithyroid peroxidase anti-body
  • Fasting blood glucose and glycosylated hemoglobin.

       Vitiligo is diagnosed by Wood's lamp examination in people with white skin and shows the fluorescence.