Vitiligo Cosmetics Pictures

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Vitiligo Cosmetics Pictures

        Vitiligo cosmetics generally applied to the depigmented areas of skin: foundations or creams for tanning, whose pigmentation effect is not correlated with the presence of melanocytes.

        The special application of vitiligo cosmetics (foundation, tanning creams) has the effect of making the depigmented areas less visible, though not treating the disease. Tanning creams do not need the melanocytes to give your skin color. Vitiligo cosmetic products are particularly useful to persons who present depigmented areas around the eyes, where the application of topical corticosteroids and of the ultraviolet radiation is contraindicated. Watch here some vitiligo cosmetics pictures so you know what to use to cover those white spots.

Vitiligo cosmetics pictures

Vitiligo Cosmetics Pictures Vitiligo Cosmetics Pictures Vitiligo Cosmetics Pictures Vitiligo Cosmetics Pictures

        Topical tacrolimus is an effective alternative for vitiligo, especially when the disease involves head and neck. Combination treatment with topical tacrolimus and excimer laser is superior to the excimer laser monotherapy for vitiligo lesions UV-resistant. On the face it is used UV-B with short band combined with pimecrolimus.

        Generally, the onset of this disease is characterized by the appearance of white spots, depigmentation, well shaped, initially small. Then these small spots expand, can discolor and over time, they can grow. And so the vitiligo cosmetics cover these spots. Look at this vitiligo cosmetics pictures to decide if you will try them, or you will choose to have a surgey in order to lack white spots.

Vitiligo Cosmetics Pictures Vitiligo Cosmetics Pictures Vitiligo Cosmetics Pictures Vitiligo Cosmetics Pictures

Surgery - Transplantation

        There are two possibilities for transplantation: either it is transplanted skin grafts, or melanocytes.

Skin transplantation

        Skin grafts show melanocytes and them taken from the donor to be placed to the recipient in the depigmented areas. Overall, these grafts remain pigmented, but there is a risk of discoloration.

Transplantation of melanocytes

        A piece of skin containing melanocytes is taken and place in a particular environment for growth and multiplication of melanocytes. Then the melanocytes are separated and are transplanted to depigmented areas.