Vitiligo Disease Pictures

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Vitiligo Disease Pictures

        Vitiligo disease is a condition that causes white patches on the skin. The spots are caused by the destruction or weakening of melanocytes (pigment cells responsible for skin color) and the direct result is the loss or stop of producing the pigment. Many doctors and researchers believe that vitiligo disease is an autoimmune system disease. Although nobody knows exactly what causes this autoimmune response, more and more are discovered every year. Vitiligo affects only the skin color. Texture and other qualities remain normal. Here is some vitiligo disease pictures which may help you understand better what this condition produces a change in your apparence.

What is an autoimmune disease?

       We can talk about an autoimmune disease when the immune system reacts against its own organs and tissues. An autoimmune disorder is not an immunodeficiency. To those affected by vitiligo, the immune system regards the pigmented cells as foreign bodies and attack them, leading to weakened or destroyed. Other examples of autoimmune disorders include: hyperthyroidism, alopecia areata and lupus.

Vitiligo disease pictures

Vitiligo Disease Pictures Vitiligo Disease Pictures Vitiligo Disease Pictures Vitiligo Disease Pictures

What is melanocyte (cell pigmentosa)?

       A melanocyte is a specialized cell, located in the skin that produces melanin (pigment). Surprisingly, all people have the same number of pigment cells, but those with darker skin pigment cells may possess more melanin store. The brown color of melanin is evenly distributed in the skin with the help of ramifications.

What is melanin?

       Melanin is the brown pigment in skin and hair of vertebrate animals, derived from the amino acid tyrosine. It is synthesized by special cells called melanocytes that have the role of melanin storage.

How does vitiligo disease evolve?

       The severity of pigment loss differs from person to person. In most cases vitiligo disease started from a small area and other spots appear over time, while the existing ones grow on the surface. In some vitiligo patients the layout and size can remain the same for years. Occasionally the vitiligo spots are pigmentating spontaneously without any treatment. Many patients notice this thing at some point in life. Here are some before and after vitiligo disease pictures.

Vitiligo Disease Pictures Vitiligo Disease Pictures Vitiligo Disease Pictures Vitiligo Disease Pictures