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Vitiligo Photos

        Some vitiligo tips given by a psychotherapist:

        Besides the ugly nature of the disease, the phisycal changes generate emotional disorders, behavioral and emotional disorders: stress, depression, anxiety, self-dissatisfaction, low self-esteem, confidence, etc. Most times people affected by vitiligo feel embarrassed by their bodies, frustrated by this disease and they inhibit in the presence of others, fearing their reaction.

        This condition is actually a vulnerability organic disease, but the triggering factor is a highly stressful event. The more a person knows in advance that is prone to this disease, it is better to take care and to find ways of psychological protection to prevent its onset. For a better understanding of this condition, please watch these vitiligo tips pictures.

Vitiligo photos

Vitiligo Photos Vitiligo Photos Vitiligo Photos Vitiligo Photos

        Also, stress is a factor that can extend the existing spots, to enlarge the depigmentation or changes in their distribution on the body: some spots can be pigmented again and depigmentation may appear in other areas. So one important vitiligo tips is: try to avoid stress.

        It is very important to understand the psychological factor and to find ways of expressing emotions, problem solving and acceptance, so they do not leave the symptom to appear aggressively (because in vitiligo there are different manifestations and different degrees of the disease).

        Vitiligo tips for patients who suffer from this condition:

  • Advice on nutrition: one of the most important vitiligo tips is that you should avoid chocolate, coffee and spices. It is recommended eating carrots and horseradish.
  • Advice on sun exposure: an important vitiligo tips is that you have to avoid prolonged exposure to sun, and sunscreen should be used with a very high SPF. The only recommended exposure time intervals are before 10am and after 18 pm when the ultraviolet spectrum is narrow.

        This vitiligo tips pictures show you how to deal better with this disease.

Vitiligo Photos Vitiligo Photos Vitiligo Photos