Vitiligo Pictures In Children

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Vitiligo Pictures In Children

        Around the age 10-14, children are very preoccupied with the way they look. Even the attractive complain about height, weight, shoe size or appearance. This anxiety is enhanced in children who really have a different look. Self-discovery phase is a difficult time for children with vitiligo. The physical aspect is not considered to an abstract level but is closely related to the discovery of the opposite sex and understanding the importance of peers, with their role in establishing individuality.

       Vitiligo in children is characterized by the transition from primary school to gymnasium, and the children have characterized this experience as negative. During primary school the child was familiar with the teachers, the peers and his physical appearance. Vitiligo in children, more precisely the white spots on their skin have become in this way invisible, meaning that the child has been accepted by the group. Changing the school and the colleagues often triggers the anxiety.

       Vitiligo in children is unbearable. Children change together after sport classes and the child whose patches of vitiligo are normally covered by clothing is afraid not to lose his friends when his depigmentation is seen by the colleagues.

       The enthusiasm of young children for school and the skills acquired there will decline due to the social concerns and the desire to be part of a group. The best thing a teacher can do is to discuss the matter with the child who looks anxious or depressed because of vitiligo spots, to give him advice on cosmetics and inform him that there are some treatments. Vitiligo in children is not easy to be understood by the other normal children. The teasing of the colleagues is not permitted and is best for the child to be integrated into group activities.

       Research have shown that patients with vitiligo are psychologically vulnerable because the disease interfere with their social life, mainly interfere with every single aspects of their life. See some vitiligo in children pictures so you can understand how these white spots make them feel.

Vitiligo pictures in children

Vitiligo Pictures In Children Vitiligo Pictures In Children Vitiligo Pictures In Children Vitiligo Pictures In Children

        The aim of the study is to determine if there are important discrepancies in levels of anxiety, and of these high-potential stress events among children who have vitiligo and normal youngsters. 33 teenagers with vitiligo and another 60 teenagers without the disease took part of this study. Clinical examinations were performed in order to identify the type of vitiligo, the depressed symptoms were investigated; for the depressed symptoms the Birleson scale was used and the level of anxiety was assessed using Spielberg scaling. They also examined how often the patients are interfering with stressful events and for this it was used the Risk scale.

       Teenagers with vitiligo showed no more intense symptoms of anxiety or depression than the healthy teenagers; there were no differences in the Risk-scale testing as well, in terms of potential high stress events.

       No differences were between the two groups and this could be considered because of the age of puberty of the patients that are not yet very interested in how they look.

       Some doctors at the University of Toronto and Ontario, Canada have tried to describe the clinical results and the safety of treatment with corticosteroids represented by vitiligo in children. Thus were retrospectively analyzed laboratory data of 101 children aged 0-18 years following treatment with medium and high power corticosteroids. Of those included in the study, 64% (45/70) showed some repigmentation, 24% (17/70) no change and 8 of the 70 (11%) showed a worsening of the initial state.

Vitiligo Pictures In Children Vitiligo Pictures In Children Vitiligo Pictures In Children Vitiligo Pictures In Children

       Local side effects occurred in 26% of patients within 81 (+-) 41 days. Cortisol levels (adrenal gland hormone) were abnormal in 29% of patients and two of the children have been diagnosed with steroid-induced adrenal suppression. Children who have recorded normal and abnormal levels of cortisol were not different by sex, age, the power of the used cortisol or genetic factors.

       However, children with vitiligo on neck and head were 8.36 times more likely to show abnormal levels of cortisol than those who were affected in other areas. Here are some vitiligo in children pictures, so that you can observe the depigmentation on different parts of the body. The study concludes that the steroids with topical application are effective applied to vitiligo in children, but they may be associated with systemic absorption too.