Vitiligo Pigmentation Pictures

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Vitiligo Pigmentation Pictures

        There are alternatives to surgical treatment of vitiligo but due to the time needed for treatment; those are limited for segmental and regional vitiligo. Unilateral vitiligo (segmental) proved to be the single form of vitiligo to respond to therapy. The candidates for this therapy are the patients who have some small areas affected by vitiligo, disease with a stable activity. Here are some vitiligo pigmentation pictures:

Vitiligo pigmentation pictures

Vitiligo Pigmentation Pictures Vitiligo Pigmentation Pictures Vitiligo Pigmentation Pictures Vitiligo Pigmentation Pictures

        The most important factors for stability are:

  • Inactivity-indicating spontaneous repigmentation.
  • Minigrafting-test positive.
  • Vitiligo-sided is the single stable form.
  • The lack of increasing the lesioned areas within 2 years.

        There were described five surgical vitiligo pigmentation methods:

        Un-cultivated epidermal suspensions: following the acromic epidermis removal, a suspension lies with epidermal keratinocytes and melanocytes, which are prepared before through a donor, who is normally pigmented. The suspension covers the denudate zone and it is very fast covered with bandages non-adherent.

        The thin dermo-epydermics grafts: superficial dermabrasion is the method through which the depigmented epidermis suffers a removal; including the thin dermo-epydermics foils and the papillary dermis are grafted on the denudated skin.

        Epidermal grafting by suction: vacuum suction is the method through which the epidermal grafts may be obtained. The receiving area can be prepared by dermabrasion, freezing or suction with 24 hours before the grafting procedure. The depigmented vesicles are broken and the graft from the donor is placed on the affected area.

        Minigrefting by puncture: small grafts are being inserted into incisions and maintained by pressure dressings. Grafts heal quickly and begin to show the repigmentation of the area in 4 to 6 weeks. The cosmetic results are amazing. This is the best vitiligo pigmentation method.

        Epidermis which contains melanocytes or the melanocytes grown suspension: the depigmented areas of the skin are being removed by carbon dioxide laser, thermosurgery, superficial dermabrsion or liquid nitrogen. Very thin layer of grown epidermis are being grafted or another method is the method of suspensions which are being spread on the denudate surface.

Vitiligo Pigmentation Pictures Vitiligo Pigmentation Pictures Vitiligo Pigmentation Pictures Vitiligo Pigmentation Pictures

        Micropigmentation is another solution for vitiligo pigmentation. Tattoos may be used for pigmented skin to dark people. See these vitiligo pigmentation pictures so you can have an idea about pigmentation by tattoos. Is difficult to achieve accurate color and the color has a tendency to fade. The skin may be colored with dihydroxyacetone, even though the color does not match in a big proportion.