Vitiligo Signs And Pictures

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Vitiligo Signs And Pictures

        Vitiligo is a skin disorder characterized by depigmented patches (color loss). Vitiligo signs can affect children of any race or ethnic group. The affected skin is on the back of hands, face and axilla. Vitiligo can occur in both sexes, from late childhood (9 to 12 years) to middle-aged adults. See here vitiligo signs pictures cu persons of different age and race.

Vitiligo signs and pictures

Vitiligo Signs And Pictures Vitiligo Signs And Pictures Vitiligo Signs And Pictures Vitiligo Signs And Pictures

       Healing can be done through proper selfcaring and monitoring by the practitioner of the general state and of the evolution of the disease under drug treatment.

       Generally, the onset is characterized by the appearance of white spots, depigmentation, well shaped, initially small. Then these small spots expand, and can discolor over time and they can grow. The areas affected most often were you can observe these vitiligo signs (although they can occur in any body area) are:

  • Areas subject to friction (knee, elbow);
  • In the axilla (under arm);
  • From the genitalia;
  • Skin areas that are more exposed to the sun: face, neck, limbs, and chest.

       Evolution of this dermatosis is unpredictable and varies from patient to patient. So in some cases (pretty rare) the white spots can disappear spontaneously, others can be reduced or, in contrast, can grow very much, tending to include almost all body surface area, this depending on the vitiligo signs.

       The cells containing pigment are the cells from the retinal and from the uveal tract. Choroidiene anomalies were reported in over 30% of the persons with this disease and it is irritating at 5% of them. The most common abnormality which is associated with the vitiligo disease is uveitis. One form of uveitis, the most severe, can be seen in the syndrome of Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada. The Vogt-koyanagi-Harada is associated vitiligo, uveitis, septic meningitis, tinnitus, and alopecia. The syndrome of Alessandrini subsumes poliozis, facial vitiligo, unilateral deafness and visual changes. These can also be the first vitiligo signs. In vitiligo's patients the iris's color does not change, but discolored areas of the choroid and the pigmented epithelium appear. Look here some vitiligo signs pictures about ocular damage.

Vitiligo and the autoimmune diseases

       Frequently, vitiligo is associated with autoimmune diseases, most currently with thyroid abnormalities. Vitiligo signs usually precede the beginning of thyroid disorder. Patients who have an autoimmune endocrinopathy and ectoderm dystrophy have a high prevalence for vitiligo. This syndrome, which is genetic, makes the autoantibodies tov cause the destruction of the endocrine cells.

Vitiligo disease and the auditory anomalies

       A very important role in establishing and maintaining the function and structure of the auditory system is played by the melanin and the auditory stimuli can modulate the inner ear transducer. The inner ear, actually the membranous labyrinth, contains melanocytes and even the most pronounced pigmentation is found in the vestibules scale. Due to the fact that vitiligo is affecting all the melanocytes, deafness hearing abnormalities may result, this thing being normal for the vitiligo signs.

Vitiligo and melanoma

       Similar vitiligo signs depigmentation may appear in persons who have malignant melanoma. This is believed to come out of a reaction mediated by the T cells from the cells of melanoma and antigenic cross-reactivity with healthy melanocytes. Most vitiligo patients, or with melanoma develop some antibodies to the antigens which exists in melanocytes and melanoma cells. The evolution of this dermatosis is hardly predictable. In some cases, the development of white spots stops in the absence of treatment. In others, depigmentation may affect the greatest area of skin.

Vitiligo Signs And Pictures Vitiligo Signs And Pictures Vitiligo Signs And Pictures Vitiligo Signs And Pictures

       There are other symptoms associated with vitiligo signs? May this disease lead to other diseases?

       Besides the white spots there are not other vitiligo signs. As a side effect, the depigmented areas tend to suffer sunburn easily, so sunscreen is recommended. Although some experts suggest that vitiligo can affect the eye color or the retinal pigment, the cases are very rare, and any deterioration of vision is even rarer.